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Strategies to Reduce Computer Fatigue

In the online environment, please consider how you are using your computer. A laptop was never intended to be a “full” time computer. If you have a docking station or desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse available that will reduce stress on your body as you spend more time on the computer, please review these ergonomic setups and try to make your environment as ergo-friendly as possible.

  • How to Ergonomically optimize your Workspace
  • Setting up an Ergonomic Computer Station
  • Create a Study Space
  • Consider reducing the strain on your wrists/hands by using Voice Recognition technology such as Talk & Type in Read & Write.
  • Consider reducing your exposure to blue light in your monitor screen by adjusting blue light filters on your devices. Or try downloading the free f.lux program computer software that helps reduce brightness and blue light strain.
  • Consider installing Read & Write Software to support engaging with digital documents in multiple ways. This tool supports online reading, writing, note-taking, and research. Read & Write software is available for use with Android, iPad, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome, and Edge. You can download and install versions of the software from the ECU Download Center. Online Video Tutorials and Playlists are available.
  • Consider planning and time management for your online courses. You may need more frequent breaks away from the computer.

Textbook Access Alternatives

There are many resources available to access your textbooks for online courses. You may be able to find free access to digital versions of your textbooks using the links and instructions below.

Strategies to Support Writing

Strategies for Supporting Math

Strategies for Staying Focused/Organized

  • Strict Workflow is a Chrome add-on that will help you stay more productive at work by temporarily blocking social and other time-wasting websites. It blocks the sites for 25 minutes allowing you to work distraction-free and then will remove the block for 5 minutes. You can repeat until all your work is done.
  • Stay Focused is a Chrome add-on, StayFocused increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites.
  • GLEAN Glean note taking web app lets you record lectures and take notes independently.
  • Define a new routine using time management strategies:

Strategies for Visual Learners

Note: Automatic transcription does not replace the need to have multimedia captioned for those with hearing loss.

  • Live transcription can benefit students who may learn better by having visual focus when listening for long periods of time, such as listening to a podcast.
  • Live transcription can benefit those students who find it difficult to type or write for long periods of time, such as students with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Repetitive Stress Injuries, or Autism.
  • Live transcription can support ESL learners as they see and hear the processed language.
  • Tools
    • Webcaptioner is a browser-based tool that presents captioning of auditory content in a separate window. You can export the transcript as a document. (Free)
    • Otter is a cloud-based tool that works on a mobile device or browser. It is an audio recording tool that has automatic transcription, in addition, it has a highlighting feature so you can highlight important statements. You can embed pictures in the transcription, edit the transcript as well as share and export the transcript. The free version allows 600 minutes of recording, there is an educational discount of 50% off the normal pricing or about $4.50 per month.

            Strategies for Supporting Mental Health

            Strategies for Students with Hearing Loss

            If you are enrolled in online courses, please let Disability Support Services or your Instructor know if you need assistance turning on captions for video content.

            Strategies for Students with Vision Loss