Request Accommodations

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities to provide equal access to programs, services, and activities of the University. In order to receive accommodations at ECU, students must self-identify to DSS and engage in the interactive process.

What is the Interactive Process?

The interactive process occurs when DSS engages with students with disabilities to determine accommodations. This process requires input from both the student and DSS for the process to be effective.

  1. Students are responsible for initiating the process through the completion of the Request for Accommodations form. This form can be found on and requires a valid ECU Banner ID to complete.
  2. Documentation of a disability is required in most cases. Documentation can be submitted as an attachment to the Request for Accommodations form, or via email or fax to DSS.
  3. The DSS team reviews all requests and documentation through a collaborative approach, allowing for input from multiple team members with various specialties.
  4. The student will be notified once the review has been completed, and asked to schedule a meeting with a DSS team member. During this meeting, the student and DSS member discuss the student’s disability, their accommodation needs, the accommodations recommended by the DSS team, and any additional accommodations. At the end of the meeting, student will be provided with the information on how to use the Clockwork system to send accommodation letters.