Frequently Asked Questions for Registered Students

Do I need to meet with someone for an accommodation meeting each semester?

No, once your academic accommodations are approved, they are approved throughout your enrollment at ECU. You only need to meet with someone again if you need to alter your accommodations.

Where do I request my accommodation letters?

You can request your letters at any time in the Clockwork Web Portal.

What if I need changes in my academic accommodations?

At any time, if you feel you need additional or different accommodations, you can schedule an appointment with the office to discuss your need for that change to your accommodations. You may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your request. If you are experiencing changes in the status of your disability or changes in medication, Disability Support Services may request updated documentation to better accommodate your changing needs.

How do I schedule a test in DSS?

Use the video at this link to learn how to schedule your exams in the Clockwork Web Portal.

Can I use my academic accommodations for online exams?

Yes. DSS recommends emailing your professor to remind them of your approved accommodations prior to the exam. Reach out to DSS if you have questions about utilizing your accommodations online.

Does my housing accommodation automatically renew?

No, you will need to renew your housing accommodation each year as housing assignments change. DSS does not typically need additional documentation.