Extending Time in ALEKS

In order to extend time in Aleks for one or more students on an exam you must first create the assignment
then create a copy of the assignment and assign it to the students that need the extended time accommodation. Below are steps on how to do so.

1) Select the class from the Class Tab
2) Hover over assignments and click Assignments
3) From the table that appears, select New Assignment +
4) Create the assignment you would like (homework, test, quiz)
5) After the assignment has been created from the table, check the box next to the assignment
6) A menu will appear across the top select Copy (the copied assignment will have a (1) next to it)

How to assign to specific students
1) Click the name of the assignment in the assignments list
2) Locate Assign To in the first section
3) The drop down will read All Students, select the drop down
4) Check the box next to the name of the student you would like to assign the assignment to
5) After selecting the student, adjust the time allowed below next to Time Limit