Frequently Asked Questions

May I meet with someone from Disability Services when I am on campus for a tour or open house?

Disability Support Services staff are happy to meet with you to discuss accommodations that would assist you if you choose to attend East Carolina University. Please contact Disability Support Services at 252-737-1016 to schedule an informational session. If you need resources in an alternate format, please inform us at the time that you schedule your appointment.

Are there separate admission standards for students with disabilities?

No. A student with a disability must meet the same admission standards as his/her non-disabled peers. If a student is denied admission because s/he does not meet the admission standards, s/he may appeal that decision to Admissions.

I was in a special education class or had a 504 Plan in high school. Am I automatically entitled to the same services that I received in high school?

In Kindergarten through 12th grade students are entitled to services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This law governs procedures only in K-12, not in post-secondary education. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act are the primary laws that govern the procedures for post-secondary education. Universities/colleges must ensure that a student does not encounter barriers due to a disability and must provide reasonable accommodations that allow the student to fully participate in university/college programs/classes. Special education classes, IEPs, or 504 Plans are not developed at the university level.

If I am a student with a disability, will Disability Support Services seek me out to provide services like my counselors did in high school?

Universities are not required to seek out students with disabilities. It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify.

What reasonable academic accommodations are available for students?

Reasonable academic accommodations are based on the nature of the disability and the impact of the disability in the academic environment. All accommodations are determined and provided on a case-by-case individual basis that consider the needs of the student. Reasonable accommodations at the university/college level may differ from those available to the student in high school. Reasonable accommodations may include extended time for tests, low distraction environment, e-text, reader, sign language interpreter.

If I am receiving accommodations at another college or university will I automatically receive accommodations at East Carolina University?

No. You must self-identify to Disability Support Services, provide documentation, and have completed the process to become registered before accommodations can be provided through Disability Support Services at East Carolina University.

How do I register with Disability Support Services?

Read the DSS Guidelines and submit a Request for Accommodation Form via Clockwork.

Register with Disability Support Services

Do I need to do anything to get accommodations again next semester?

If you are satisfied with your Academic Accommodations which were originally agreed upon, all you will need to do is log into Clockwork and request your accommodation letter at the start of each new semester to be sent to your instructors.

Do I need to submit a new request and documentation every year?

No. Once you are approved, you are eligible for accommodation, as long as you are a student at East Carolina University.

What if I need changes in my accommodations?

At any time, if you feel you need additional or different accommodations, you can schedule an appointment with the office to discuss your need for that change to your accommodations. You may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your request. If you are experiencing changes in the status of your disability or changes in medication, Disability Support Services may request updated documentation to better accommodate your changing needs.

Is my disability information shared with my professors?

No. Disability Support Services office maintains and secures all files. The information in your file is not shared with anyone who is not affiliated with DSS unless you request this in writing, or if a specific exemption is applicable. One of these exceptions allows persons within the university with a “legitimate educational interest” to access this information. Therefore, Disability Support Services may discuss portions of your student record with university employees who have a “legitimate educational interest”.

How do I communicate my accommodation needs to professors if I am eligible?

After you are determined eligible for accommodation through DSS, you will meet with a DSS Staff member. At this accommodation meeting you will discuss your academic accommodations and receive access to Clockwork to request your accommodation letters each semester. This letter is the indicator for you to receive your accommodations for the course.

Does Disability Support Services convert course materials into an alternative format?

Yes. Disability Support Services provides course materials in electronic text, enlarged print, Braille and closed captioned videos. To receive these accommodations, you must provide documentation supporting this request, have it reviewed and approved by the Committee and become registered with DSS. The staff will then assist you in receiving the accessible format for which you are eligible.

Is tutoring provided specifically for students with disabilities?

There are several tutoring resources available to all East Carolina University students; all are free of charge. The Pirate Academic Success Center (PASC) has tutors available for learning, time management and core freshman classes. There are two writing labs on campus and a Math Lab as well. There may also be tutors available through individual academic departments. Additionally, DSS offers Academic Success Coaching as a free service for our students.

Do you have sign language interpreters?

Disability Support Services employs sign language interpreters who are qualified to provide sign language interpreting that will meet the needs of our students who are deaf. Sign Language Interpreters are provided to eligible students registered with the Disability Support Services office for classroom interpreting, related coursework interpreting or interpreting of any campus events. Sign language interpreters are also available for campus events as long as the request is done in a timely fashion.

What should I do if I suspect I have a disability?

If you suspect you have a disability that is impacting your academic performance, contact Disability Support Services at 252-737-1016. Staff will guide you through the process of seeking appropriate documentation that may potentially verify a disability. This could include seeking assessment from the PASS Clinic on campus, as well as other options.

What is the process for obtaining a housing accommodation?

You must submit a Housing contract to University Housing. Your request for accommodations will not be considered until you have submitted that contract. After you have submitted that contract call Disability Support Services at 252-737-1016 to request housing accommodations. You will be required to submit documentation supporting your request for accommodation. This documentation will be reviewed, a determination will be made if it supports your accommodation request, and you will be contacted about the approved accommodation and your Housing room assignment.

Do you have reserved designated parking for persons with disabilities?

No. If you are a student with a state hang tag from the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there are designated spaces for handicapped parking in each of the assigned lots on campus. If you do not have a state tag, and require parking closer to the center of campus, requests for such are considered through Disability Support Services only. Documentation supporting such a parking space must be provided to and approved by Disability Support Services before permission to park will be issued.