Auxiliary Aids

AI Automatic Caption/Transcription

Closed Captioning/Transcriptions/Subtitles provide a text version of spoken language in a recording, video, or computer presentation. Closed captioning was developed to aid hearing-impaired people but this can be useful for various situations and learners. Below are a few free AI Automatic Caption applications/programs that can be used to provide AI generated speech to text automatic captions or transcriptions for live events and recorded presentations etc.


CCTV displays and screen magnifiers are used to make print and digital text/images accessible to those with visual impairments who would otherwise not be able to effectively view on-screen or print graphics and text.


Note-taking software and recording devices can be used to assist with the note taking process allowing for the ability to focus and take notes more efficiently.

Screen Readers

Screen Readers are assistive technology computer software that can be utilized to read the text contents shown on the computer display. Enabling users with visual impairments or certain learning disabilities to utilize the computer screen through non-visual means.

Windows/Apple Accessibility Features

Windows and Apple computers have built-in Accessibility features including contrast settings, Text to Speech Narration, and Voice to Text Dictation.

These are examples of auxiliary aids. If you have questions or other needs, please contact the ADA Coordinator 252-737-1018 or